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Late 2020: Many thanks to the National lottery. We will do so much good with this grant. Our community will benefit hugely from our Covid-19 well-being being support services.

Angelic Reiki meditations at County House, St Marys street, Worcester,WR1 1BH

Meditations via Zoom, daily affirmations and short meditations via Facebook

Angelic reiki healing courses and relaxation courses. Please contact us for course information

Please contact us for further information on how you can attend the above events.

Wonderful Earth Angels

A very big thank you to all the lovely Angelic Healers who have raised 150.00 With weekly and monthly healing shares. Well done Maria and Rita!

Latest Course to be run from the Healing Touch Centre, in conjunction with the Wrekin Trust, ran weekly from February through until April 2016.

Becoming Whole - Improving your Relationship with Yourself

  • A weekly Mindfulness-based Study Group exploring HOW to become Whole through embracing and understanding your mind, body, feelings and spirit
  • Do you appreciate your body's innate wisdom or criticise and bully your b?
  • Are you able to understand and listen to your feelings, knowing they are your greatest ally?
  • Can you quiet your mind long enough to hear the inner tuition of your Intuition or Spirit?

This course is organised by the Wrekin Trust, an educational charity committed to personal and planetary transformation, in conjunction with Healing Touch Complementary Health Care Centre Worcester. From the Oracle at Delphi, until the present day, the concept “ Know Thyself ” has been true. As you develop a more mindful relationship with your mind, body, feelings and spirit, becoming more of a Whole Person, you will be better able to powerfully contribute to co-creating a Whole World.

Your tutor Emma Mary has worked for over 40 years to further the evolution of consciousness in England, both through her career as a Therapist in Mental Health and as a Holistic Life Coach working by phone or Skype internationally.

Email: emmamarygathergood@ymail.com Phone: 01684 577867 for more details

A certificate is available for CPD purposes on completion of the course.


I found the BECOMING WHOLE course very rewarding and self-fulfilling. It has taught me a much deeper awareness of my inner and outer self, how to listen to my body and my thoughts. I also found it helpful being part of a small group - all of whom were very nice, considerate and kind. Emma, your leadership showed professionalism, great knowledge and passion for the subject and your guidance, thoughtfulness and care made it a great pleasure to be on this course with you.  I have learnt a lot from being on the course. I would like to receive news in the future about any further courses that may be held. S.S.

The course was inspirational and thought-provoking. Emma presented it in a calm, relaxing way with lots of obvious knowledge and enthusiasm. J.C.

I found the course with Emma to be very interesting and enlightening. It has left me feeling very open and much more aware. Thank you. S.D.

I thoroughly enjoyed the becoming whole course run by Emma Gathergood at Healing Touch in Worcester.
I recently lost my Mum and found the whole course very helpful. I have met a lovely group of people and intend to stay in touch. Emma delivered a genuine holistic course and maintained a safe, nurturing environment for all of us to express our own insecurities. I will continue to use the lessons regularly, I'm aware of caring for my little self as it is important to reassure all is well. I will stop 'beating myself up' for not being good enough and now realise it was due to being 'put down' as a child. It was a mindset and  I can change that one. I now praise myself for the achievements I have made in my life, my loving husband of 33 years, my 3 children, my work and friends. I feel very blessed and give gratitude daily. Thank you, Emma. R.D.

 This course was so successful we intend to run another one in the autumn and this time the proceeds (less expenses) will go straight to the 3CHH Charity.


2009 - 10

In June 2009, we received a grant of £10000 from The National Lottery Awards for All scheme, which added to our own fundraising enabled us to undertake a pilot project providing courses of complementary therapy for disadvantaged people. Our fundraising also enabled us to purchase office equipment and to develop and test the policies and procedures necessary to successfully operate this type of funding.

The project has now been completed, with over forty people on low-income in the Worcester area having received treatment. Beneficiaries have been very pleased with the results …

“The success of the treatment that I have received has enabled me to return to work teaching and also to interact with my family, something a couple of months ago I could only dream of.”
Client comment

“After few sessions all the supporting staff started noticing changes to ---’s behaviour, her looks and well being. ---’s sleeping pattern improved giving her good, undisturbed night’s sleep. Her displays of challenging behaviour appear to decrease in numbers and strength, thanks to lower level of agitation.”
Support worker comment

“I have now had 6 treatments and the difference made has been commented on by family and friends. My range of movement has improved dramatically and I have been able to cut my use of temgesic to only rarely instead of 3-4 times a day.”
Client comment

Running the study also enabled us to assess the way the scheme operates so that, with a few tweaks, we are in a position to roll out a larger-scale study, once funding has been obtained, the aim being to reach 100 disadvantaged people in the Worcester area.

We are grateful to the many people who have supported 3CHH during this period and contributed to the success of the project.


First of all a big thank you to everyone who has contributed time and resources. Setting up a charity and complying with the requirements of the Charity Commission takes time and energy and this is increased for a medical-oriented charity and increased again where complementary therapies are involved !

Some of the things we have accomplished so far include :

  • Appointing trustees and setting up a fund raising team.
  • Monitoring practitioners to ensure they have the required qualifications, insurance and CRB checks.
  • Setting up the various systems, forms and procedures to enable the client funding scheme to work successfully and be monitored.
  • Organising fundraising events and producing fundraising projections. Presence at Worcester’s Health Show. In excess of £5000 has been raised so far.
  • And the often unglamorous but necessary bits - setting up an accounting system, budgeting, form filling and ensuring compliance with charitable and company law.

We are pleased to report that 3CHH fulfilled the Charity Commission’s requirements and is now a registered charity.

This will be a great help in attracting funds and resource support as we move onto the next phase of our work.