3 Counties Holistic Healthcare

How You Can Help?

Four ways you can help 3CHH:


It’s a lot of work to get a charity off the ground and keep it running professionally and effectively. There are the essential tasks of actually running the charity : planning, organising, producing publicity material, accounting etc. A large amount of our funding will come from applications to grant-making bodies : applications have to be made and the use of funds monitored and reported on.

Maybe you have specific skills you could offer on a voluntary basis. We are particularly keen to attract additional trustees. The trustees are responsible for the charity’s overall management and direction. Click here for more information.

We will soon be looking to recruit a part-time administrator to co-ordinate the charity’s day-to-day running.


We are grateful to many people who have provided resources such as event venues, printing and publicity, office space and equipment. There is an ongoing need for support in this way. Gifts of items for raffle prizes are also welcome.

See our thank you page for some of those individuals and organisations that have helped 3CHH.


There are many ways to help with this, from providing hands-on support for our existing fundraising programme, to organising your own fundraising event. We also have to design and get out publicity, deal with accounting, attract supporters and come up with fundraising ideas. You need enthusiasm though not necessarily experience to contribute. Involvement in a charity can be rewarding, an opportunity to make friends, gain new skills and do something for your community.


Raising funds remains the core requirement of a charity. Donations of whatever size are very welcome, so if you are interested in making a donation for general funds or for a specific purpose, email: enquiries@3chh.org.uk or call on 01905 764823. Cheques payable to “3 Counties Holistic Healthcare” can be sent County House, St Marys Street, Worcester,WR1 1BH. All post for the attention of Rita Davies.

Don't forget, if you are a taxpayer we can claim back an additional 28% of your gift if you complete and supply us with a gift aid form. Higher rate taxpayers can claim an additional 20% of their donation against their tax bill.

Click here to donate nowYou can DONATE NOW by credit card or debit card via the Charities Aid Foundation: type in 3 Counties Holistic and follow the instructions to make a secure donation

If you are due an income tax refund, you can choose to donate it (or part of it) to charity. To do this you use the Giving your tax repayment to charity form in your Tax Return pack or download the form here.
To make sure we get your donation, you will need to enter our charity code on the form.

This is: CAT74CG