3 Counties Holistic Healthcare

Our Fundraising Regulator

The Fundraising Regulator are an independent regulator of charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They stand up for best practice in fundraising, in order to protect donors and support the vital work of fundraisers.

They work in partnership with other regulators and representative bodies in the charitable and fundraising sectors to build public confidence and ensure consistent fundraising standards across the UK.

The Funraising Regulator share out align with our passsion for transparency and provide the 3CHH with support and guidance on best fundraising practicies.

Our association with the Fundraising Regular gives our supporters and donors piece of mind, with the knowledge that the 3CHH will actively adhere to the Funraising Regulators Code of Fundraising Practices which sets the standards that apply to fundraising carried out by all charitable institutions and third party fundraisers in the UK.

If you wish to explore The Code of Fundraising Practices, please follow the link below.